Who is the macro barista?

Hey! I'm Alex Moe.

If you saw on the main page I’m more popularly known as themacrobarista on social media. A few years ago I began making healthy drink recipes while working at Starbucks, well it turns out a lot more people needed these recipes than I imagined. My social media quickly grew and I put out hundreds of recipes. Then my time at Starbucks came to an end as I decided it was time to pursue my own venture, KNINE Coffee & Strength (click here find out more about it). Even though I left Starbucks I continue to make recipes from there but have now included Dunkin Donuts!

I’m from Seattle, WA but currently live in Florida with my girlfriend and my two dogs, Kai and Bain (both german shepherds). I served in the USAF for 5 years as a vehicle operator and was medically separated in 2016 due to severe hip impingements. I like to credit my bad hips to finding my inspiration for living a healthier lifestyle. It showed me that through resiliency and creativity we can find ways to work around anything, even those sugary coffee drinks we all love. I love coffee, dogs, and being active. I know you’ll find some useful information here and encourage you to connect with me through the platforms below!