Toasted White Mocha

Toasted White Mocha
105 Calories
200mg Caffeine
4.5g Fat
14g Carbs
<1g Fiber
12g Sugar
<1g Protein

How to order:

  1. Ask for a GRANDE Cold Brew (can order *decaf americano, or as UNSWEETENED Iced coffee)
  2. Ask for ONE (1) pump of toasted white mocha sauce
  3. Ask for THREE (3) pumps of sugar free vanilla (add one pump sf cinnamon dolce to spice it up)
  4. Add a splash of half and half (or almond milk for non-dairy)

Additional notes:

You can alter this to a hot recipe by ordering a cafe misto or hot americano in place of the cold brew. You can also alter this to a *decaf recipe by ordering a decaf americano in place of the cold brew.


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Who is the Macro Barista?

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